October 7, 2014

Hello and welcome to our blog, P.S. Gone Exploring, set up by Pete and Soph so we can document our travels around Asia which start on 13th January 2015.

We are incredibly excited and working like crazy at the moment to get everything ready (and earn enough cash) before we go. The website has been so exciting to create and should give us a great chance to keep in contact with our lovely friends and family back in the UK. It’s still a work in progress to be honest, and will probably evolve as we go along!

Pete is a sound engineer and Soph is a graphic designer so there will be a wealth of photography, sound bites, stories, examples of local designs and techniques. We will also be teaching English as we’ve both done TEFL courses so we’ll hopefully be able to share some experiences of working in an Asian community.

P.S. Big thanks to our housemate Vilius for helping with the finishing touches of the website, when I’d got completely tangled up in code. He is a genius. Hire him.