Tokyo Zoo

May 14, 2015


Tokyo zoo was the start of a super fun day that we had with Adam Malpass, a guy Pete had met through AIESEC before going to China, who lives and works in Tokyo as an engineer. He’s super smart and has just received a US patent so congrats to him for that! The zoo is in a big park in Ueno, which has multiple museums and temples as well.

The main attraction in the zoo seemed to be the two pandas


there was panda stuff everywhere!


The Japanese really have an eye for making this look pleasing.


Which one has the biggest eyes?


They seemed content to wander about and chew on their bamboo.

This one seems to be sneaking off behind it’s wanted photo


There were many of different animals in the zoo, including some elephants, donated by Nehru, from India! There’s been a lot of random things like this to remind us of where we’ve been on this trip.



Their cages seemed nice and big, although not as big as they’re used to, and they had water and trees to play with. I still want to see these wonderful creatures in the wild though.

There were other enclosures that were sadder in the zoo. There were two polar bears that looked hot and stressed in the heat.


A black bear pacing around his enclosure, a tiger pacing up and down the border to the lion’s enclosure.

For a while we’ve both felt torn by the idea of zoos. On the one hand it is amazing to see these animals that it would be very difficult to see in the wild, plus there is good conservational work that happens in zoos. On the other hand they’re not supposed to be cooped up in cages, they get stressed and unhappy. The example of the polar bear sitting in humid 28 degree heat sums up how some animals just aren’t suited to their environment in the zoo.