Tokyo National Museum

May 21, 2015


I took a little trip to the Tokyo National Museum. I generally wouldn’t consider posting about a museum, I believe it should be a visceral experience, the wonder of the museum should be standing within an inch of an ancient artefact. However this one was especially good so I’ll give you a little peak and you can go and check it out if you’re ever in Tokyo.

This is the view from the main gate of the museum


It’s quite an imposing building isn’t it. There’s two equally as impressive buildings flanking it and a couple of other ones tucked away to the left. Inside the main building is the main reason I went to the museum.


Little obsessed with Samurai. Shiny aren’t they. I thought they’d be more ornate, with a  bigger handle. They are beautifully made and are over 300 years old. I find it interesting that some swords are made from metals from that were found in comets. Alien magic metal. Unfortunately there is only one room with swords in, I was hoping that there’d be an entire massive building with them in however this allowed me to look around some surprising things, which is my favourite pastime in a museum.

One of the first things I came across was this amazing brass work in ‘The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures’ which I looked at just because the name is awesome.


You can see the really intricate detail, this piece is about the size of an average hand. It all goes together and is hung at a temple.

Pretty impressive and some nice patterns


These artefacts are mainly from the 7th – 8th century, that puts some things into perspective. I think the UK was a bunch of mud huts at that time.

The next room contained some beautiful figures, also brass.


Buddhist figures. Some finished with gold.


This piece is impressive


Back in the main building, I noticed a cool piece of cloth depicting the ‘Tokyo Peace Exhibition’


Intriguing item leftover from the time where Japan allied themselves to the British Empire, France, and the Russian Empire during World War I.