Thoughts on Japan

May 6, 2015


I was so sad to have to leave nepal, I’ve always been fascinated by mountains and Nepal, being the rooftop of the world, with most of the tallest mountains in the world and houses perched in steep valleys, seemed to me to be the epitemy of my fascination.
I think this goes a long way to satisfying the human soul; identifying what it is you really yearn for, those early passions and dreams, and to keep taking those steps on the path to achieve them. I can visit Nepal again and I know it will satisfy me when I do.
I am so fortunate to be heading to another place that has been in my dreams since I was young, Japan. I’m not sure how many people know that I studied Karate when I was younger, for around 6 years until I got injured badly in a skate boarding accident! Probably a few of you.
I reached 1st kyu,which is brown double white belt. Just one before the black belt where the martial art really opens up from the rigid westernised structure of the coloured belts before black. Anyway if I can find even a hundredth of the Japan that I learnt about in Karate I’ll be happy. Self respect, discipline, balance with nature, balance of mind, and surprisingly for some, the fact that it teaches never to use your skills outside the ‘Dojo’ – classroom/sacred learning space. I know that Japan won’t be the Japan of my dreams, like in ‘The Last Samurai’ film, which describes exactly why it won’t be like that. However I am so excited that I’m finally getting to go and I’m looking to finding out what it’s all about.