The terracotta warriors

August 12, 2015


The Warriors were a must visit thing, you can’t go to Xi’an and not visit one of the most incredible discoveries in the world. Again, unsurprisingly, it is a mega tourist attraction and was jam-packed, but still worth it.


I’d heard a lot about them from people who’d been before, including Pete, and read about them too and it is just mind boggling. Seeing them in the flesh still doesn’t really do them justice at the time, for me anyway. I think it’s only afterwards, when you’re away from the crowds that the scale of the whole thing hits you and you also realise how much they still have to uncover and how much work there is to be done.


There’s even a kind of warrior hospital, which looks like it could be something out of a frankenstein movie.


The detail of the individual ones that they have on show is amazing, each strand of hair picked out and the soles of shoes patterned…



They really are works of art. And every single one is different.
We chose to have a guide, which I don’t think was completely necessary but it was good that we didn’t miss anything through the crowds. They were so big at times that if we were by ourselves I might have just walked by rather than wading through.

If you go, don’t expect to be wowed at the time would be my advice, but definitely go. We spoke to so many people who had just been and we were like ‘Wow, amazing, how was it?!’ And they were just sort of like ‘Meh!’ which surprised us, but it made more sense to me afterwards. It’s a grower!

This is my favourite picture, it’s of a model but it totally shows you how formidable it is. Do not mess with this emperor… he’s got a few people on his side.