The Indian Design Industry

April 21, 2015
One of the things I decided last year, when we began to really plan this trip, was that I wanted to visit design studios in some of the countries we visited. Working as a freelancer in London last year highlighted the different approaches and opinions that there are in just one city, and what people perceive as successful and why. I wanted to get a snapshot of this dynamic in India (and hopefully in China and Singapore too when we make it there) and understand how the industry functions in what is surely a very different market to the UK.
So I spent some time trawling blogs, design websites and Google for companies who seemed to be doing some interesting stuff that I could contact. I was pleasantly surprised with the list of possibles that I compiled, there seemed to be a lot of interesting work going on. So I sent out a load of emails, explaining the situation and attaching a selection of my work and basically telling them that I wanted to be a bit nosey.
This was back in October, and a good few of them got back to me very quickly (some didn’t reply at all, of course, and some found my email in their spam over the next week or two). Brilliant. This idea seemed like it could definitely become a reality and I was very excited at the prospect.
A couple of weeks ago I contacted the positive responses, updating them on our travel progress and enquiring whether the invitation still stood. Within a couple of days I had three meetings set up over the six days we were spending in Bombay. I went to all of them with my digital portfolio, hoping to explain my background a bit more and find out a lot more about theirs. The next few posts are my experiences…