The end of the Kickstarter campaign

August 27, 2015

S graffiti

It was our first full day in Hong Kong, the 1st of August, that the seven week Kickstarter campaign to raise money for The Country that Shook ended. I already knew that we’d hit the target, but in the last 48 hours loads of last minute pledges piled in which meant that both of the rough stretch goals I set were met and by the end the total was over £3000.


Running a Kickstarter campaign has been pretty surreal, especially while travelling around Asia. There was a week somewhere in the middle when I got hardly any pledges and suddenly got very nervous that I wouldn’t reach the goal and might have to consider other ways to make the project happen. Luckily I didn’t need to.

After I’d started I read all these articles about how you need to do pre-promotion for a Kickstarter campaign to work and then another long list of XYZ that give you more chance of being successful. Obviously I hadn’t done any of that so it was a bit of a blow :/ I did get 30% of the total in the first three days though which is something they suggest is a good sign…

Instead of worrying about all these thing I supposedly should have done I just carried on and did all the things I could think of that might get people interested. I obviously bugged everyone on here and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter… Pretty standard. We were very lucky to have an article written about us in the Newspaper at home by a contact of Pete’s sister, Becky, which hopefully gave us a bit of coverage.


But as well as that I emailed charities, other long term travellers and travel bloggers, lots of bookshops, people I’d worked with in the past and groups online set up to help Nepal. You never really know if any of it’s doing anything or being read as people rarely respond but every little helps right! Even if one more person finds out about it then that’s pretty good.

One of the nicest things is that people I haven’t spoken to in a long time have been in contact about it and even family members that I’ve not met! Makes you realise that good causes get people talking and I’m proud to be doing it…