Temple times Anuradhapura

January 18, 2015



Temple post number 1. Number 1 of many many I suppose! This set of temples are the most interesting that I’ve ever seen though, the oldest being 3rd century BC and built over 100m high originally, the Kings of the time built these dagobas as a dedication to their Buddhist values and maybe a brick or two towards their egos.

A really special atmosphere of mostly Sri Lankans worshipping at their holy Buddhist sites. Was very special to be by the bodhi tree of which I recorded a little snippet in sound check so check that out.

Interestingly the former president of Sri Lanka, who recently got voted out and fled to America, started a new dagoba, two and a half thousand years after the first one, and we got to walk around its construction site. That’s what the ladies and gents are doing in a line, passing bricks along for the dagoba. It’s going to be the tallest of them all, although a few of them have crumbled slightly.