Pete’s pieces of sound. Keep your ears open.

Temple Sounds – 17/01/2015 – Sri Maha Bodhi Tree – Anuradhapura

Birds over breakfast – Sigiriya – Bandula Guesthouse – 23/01/2015

Train times – A train pulling into Galoya Junction after a 3 hour delay for us on the platform – 22/01/2015

Lottery ticket seller near the Kandy Market – lots of delay =P – 26/01/2015

Sitting in the bakery near the Kandy road – relaxing with a cuppa milk tea – 27/01/2015

Waterfalls near Haputale – Diyaluma Falls (best with headphones) 28/01/2015

Man singing evening prayers – Thanjavur Brihadisvara temple 15/01/2015

A snapshot of Indian traffic

A Tibetan prayer, once round the temple with the prayer wheels – Bylakuppe

Namaste Shiva, background temple chanting – Courtallam

Tropical rainstorm – Alleppey

Sujay Bobade describing what a raga is. Indian classical music. I think it’s quite fitting that he gets drowned out by a train.

Sujay’s raga on the bamboo flute.

Expectation before the festival – Tokyo

Procession moving past us, Heave ho! – Tokyo Festival

Polyrhythmic percussion – Tokyo festival

Music drifitng in and out and girl’s sticks jangling – a Tokyo festival

Peace garden walk. MP3 because the file is too big for wordpress. – Kyoto

Walking down the sketchy mountain stairs – Seoraksan National Park – Korea

¬†Temple musician busking in Qikou’s Black Dragon Temple – China

Xi’an street musician – China

Xi’an mosque call to prayers – China

Standing on a jetty in a Chinese community listening to call to prayer. Multi culture. Penang, Malaysia.