Songjeong Beach – Busan

June 16, 2015


When we arrived at Busan Gimhae airport we hopped straight on the tube for Songjeong beach. Jangsan station is the closest and then it’s a 10 minute taxi ride through the mountain tunnel. We had already booked an Airbnb with this fun guy (mushroom)


His name is Che and that’s his adorable cat, Neezu. Pronounced ‘need you’. =P

Here’s the beach


So Korea is currently in typhoon season and the area that the beach is in is called Haeundae, which when translated is bay-fog-area, so the weather was warm and muggy most of the time. It didn’t bother us too much and I think other times of the year the weather is beautiful here.

We had a great view of the tidal river from the flat


We booked a week here to relax and recover from some heavy travelling in the last few months, we never did manage to slow down. This was perfect. Home away from home and Che, Neezu, and his flatmate Jesus – just a nickname haha, kept us entertained. Here’s Jesus and us just before we left.


Turns out, Jesus is a professional surfer and is something of a celebrity in Korea, Songjeong is actually a really good swell spot, although it is now full of surf schools with lots of learners in the water. Most days he’d come out of his room to announce he had a photoshoot with a hungover laugh. Jesus said that Che is a better surfer than him, but he has a retro style and so didn’t want to get sponsored. Jesus surfs for Barrel, as you can see he was cool enough to give Pete some merchandise.

We cannot stress enough how much fun this week was, it gave us the space to do a lot of writing and drawing that we needed to do as well. The guys plied us with beer and Korean food, showed us where restaurants and street food were, told us where temples were, took us down to Haeundae beach in the evening and showed us where to go, and we went out for a night out with them. Quite simply legends. It was pretty sad to leave at the end of the week. Thanks for the good times.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to good times.