July 8, 2015



Sokcho is a cool city on the east coast of Korea. As it’s logo will tell you it’s well known for it’s sun, surf, fishing, and hiking in the nearby Seoraksan National Park.

We stayed in a little fishing village town with an artificial U shaped harbour where the boats are moored. It created a strange mill pond like stillness to the ocean and there were so many fresh fish restaurants just set back from this in a semi circle. Sokcho is well known in Korea for it’s sashimi. We had a little difficulty communicating what we would like to order, turns out the sign language for sashimi or grilled fish is harder than you think.


The beach was a short walk away, it was a good day to choose to go there because it turned out to be the only bright blue sky that we saw in 4 days. There was lots of Koreans enjoying the sunshine. Oddly they don’t wear swimming costumes to the beach, they’ll just hop right into the sea in their everyday clothes.

We found this funny little face in the sand.


It took us about three hours to get here from Seoul East Bus Station.