Six (seven) months on the road

August 15, 2015


While we were in Xi’an we celebrated six months of being away. We’ve now been away for seven months so, as you can probably tell, we’re a bit behind with the blog!

It was a strange feeling to know that we were half way, closer to going home than flying out. But then when we considered how much we have done in those six months we just got excited about how many more places we have to see and how many more adventures we are going to have.

As a celebration, here’s a gif of each of us over the last few months. We’ve taken a photo (nearly) every day to keep an eye on our tans, see how Pete’s beard changes and remember the journey. It’s nice to see that we look a lot healthier now than when we started!

I hope they work… You’ll probably need good internet connection and try clicking on the image to open it in a separate window! Enjoy!