Seoraksan National Park

July 8, 2015



Seoraksan National Park is fantastic, it is beautiful beyond belief and the needle mountain peaks and rushing rivers make you feel tiny and awe struck with their sheer scale.


We hiked two days in the park, the first day Pete decided he couldn’t go on the steep cable car so we headed out to try and find the cave which was a good recommended 3 hour hike, thinking that it would be under a cliff at ground level right? When you think of caves you think under the ground. As it turns out this one was half way up a sheer rock face.


We made it up there though, and came back down for some well deserved Korean fermented rice wine, it’s what they drink during exercise so of course we had to try it.


The tradition is to get this with a Korean pancake and in Seoraksan it came with green onions and seafood.


After lunch we were a little tipsy to be honest but we wanted to take another little walk so we decided to do the flat hike through the valley that pierced through the middle of the mountain range.

This is the view of it from the cave.


It was really spectacular, there were bright blue pools of mountain stream water along the way.


Soph took a little rest.


It really was a day of wonder in the national park; huge rock formations, flowing rivers, densely forested areas, climbing up high on metal staircases, chatting away with each other whilst we did it.


On day two we decided to head to the waterfall in the west of the park, we climbed up about 500m through the forests, it was really nice to follow the river up from the bottom to the waterfall. We crossed this suspension bridge which swayed a little.


And found ourselves here


It was a lovely place to sit and contemplate. Seoraksan was definitely one of our favourites in Korea, we would both urge you to come here if you can.