June 22, 2015



Samgyeopsal is a favourite food of the Korean people. We wasted no time in eating it on our first night in the country, a local place close to Songjeong beach.

As you can see you get a BBQ grill in the middle of the table that you fry pork or beef on. This one is big pork chops but it can be thin slices as well. There is a variety of different side dishes, and it’s common for Korean food to come with lots of small plates that you can pick at, it’s a really nice way to eat with lots of fresh vegetables and radishes, then occasionally you get fish and other types of seafood. Seafood is big here.

The juices from the pork run down to the edge of the grill and mix with the vegetables that cook there. You take the meat, which is cut up with big scissors – side note, does anyone else think big scissors and cooking is a great idea? – then you take some lettuce, some sweet radish, some kimchee, and some tomato and chilli sauce, wrap it all up in a parcel and enjoy.


You can see in the picture that this particular samgyeopsal came with beansprouts and kimchee. We both really love kimchee so that was a treat, it is a fermented cabbage that is mixed with a red spicy sauce, you can buy it at the Korean supermarket near Denmark street in London. On the left there is a spicy tofu soup, which we’ve seen come with a few other meals that we’ve ordered, perhaps it’s supposed to cleanse your palate after the meal.

This restaurant was buzzing with local people out with their friends, drinking sozhu (probably not spelt right but is pronounced so ju.) which is a popular Korean rice wine. The air was filled with the amazing smell of barbecued pork, the heat from the grills, and laughter. Good times.