Quirky Kawaguchiko

May 27, 2015


Kawaguchiko has many a charm, it’s gardens house interesting sculptures, a cycle ride around the lake brings views of secluded pebbled beaches, and you’re constantly enthralled by the ever changing scenic views of Mount Fuji. However there are some unexpected gems.

Here’s a few quirky things we found when we were exploring the town.

What’s the significance of the fingers on his face?


He looks kind of worried doesn’t he.

This next one is a sound ornament, you find them all over Japan in temple gardens and they’re supposed to be used by the people visiting the temple. It works by picking up the ladel and tipping the water back into the pool, the person should listen carefully to the sound that the water makes, it’s an immersive ornament which is supposed to evoke the sounds of the Japanese harp. All of the ornaments in Kawaguchiko were shaped like dragons.



An ornamental pair of feet, we didn’t have a clue why either but they’re awesome.


A line of flags, sure, why not.


A statue of two old people doing a dad dance, nice.


Random signs in the forests around the town. Some of them looked worn out.


Taking a rest by a tree there. Others looked a bit weathered.


A bit.

A lot of boats piled up by the shore.


A random Lupin garden full of different gradings of similar colours. Sophie identified these. Pete had no idea.


The speciality local dish is ‘Hoto’ noodles, they’re basically big, fat Udon noodles. This is a restaurant called ‘Hoto Fudo’


And yes it is shaped like an igloo.

Finally, a lot of things are cute mountain themed. They all have faces. Totally normal.