Quirks of Matsumoto

June 3, 2015

Wooden Kanji P

Ok so i’m beginning to understand that quirky is synonymous with Japan, nevertheless here’s the quirks of Matsumoto.

Frog street

A street running parallel to the central river with cute little shops and cafes in Edo style architecture. This was the statue at the beginning of the line of shops, three Samurai frogs fighting. What you staring at? =P


Sophie trying to conjure up a studious prince from the frog with a book.


Along the street were tasty treats including the Sweet cafe in the last post, you could also catch these little things


Made from waffle batter, they came with savoury or sweet flavoured mixture inside. They were a bit soggy if you found them in the river though.

Other bits

Matsumoto seemed to have lots of stylistic bits and bobs, they even had a logo for their city services


Matching colours, like it.

This was on a flag at the castle.


A smoking pipe on the tobacco vending machine, this one looks a bit worn out but these machines aren’t uncommon in Japan.


There were some really nice designs on the pavement like this one.


Loooooooooong stalks.


Weird shaped buildings.


The building with the clock on it in the background has the largest pendulum in Japan, it is half the size of the building.