Pingyao beef

August 3, 2015


Pingyao is is famous for it’s beef. It’s a special kind of process which we couldn’t fully grasp but it reminded us a lot of the salt beef in the bagels that you get where we used to live in London. So we were happy. And we ate a lot of beef.


They also combine it with the other thing that is known in shanxi cuisine which is flat, chewy noodles to make a dish called Kao Lao Lao. That was delicious!

There was also a museum on said beef, they really like it, and we wanted to use this as an example of Chinese English information. And I quote from the museum leaflet:

“Pingyao beef originated in the Western Han dynasty, founded in the Tang and Song Dynasty, prospered in the Ming and Qing dynasties. It heritaged classical techniques, merged various skills from all over the country and was refined and enjoyed…”

Starts off well. Love the verb heritaged.

“Pingyao beef is from selected cattle to eaten meat. However it summarised as five words, “watch, slaughter, pickled, stewed, repair.” It’s colour without any pigment but it has ruddy and crystal bright colour….”

We’ve lost ya a bit there.

“It’s quality, the beef is tender, soft and hard, even fat but not greasy, delicious rather than oily, it’s fragrance mellow, making people gluttonous. It’s efficiency, nutrient-rich, beneficial to the stomach and spleen…”

bit specific but we’re with you I think.

“When you eat beef, it’s soft and delicious, as well as moderate salty after tasting, it’s fragrance is endless, savour can last long, as well as make people refreshed and relaxed.

In Pingyao beef museum exhibitions, shanxi merchants in the world The history and culture of Pingyao, Pingyao beef art heritage museum, beef brilliant honour…”

can someone please give me a beef brilliant honour. I just want that trophy.

“Noodle & Pastries in shanxi, Xing Sheng lei, zi li chen, brilliant honour of Taotang, the ode of farming cattle, ploughing and grazing chanting, Pingyao beef father – lei jinning cixi westwards to Pingyao, shanti merchants hall, the old workshop, Pingyao beef’s echoes, the hall of cutting cattle open and so on..”

the hall of cutting cattle open and so on, you know just nonchalantly and so on…

“In the Ming and Qing dynasties…. The glory of Pingyao “goods circulation throughout the world” currency-circulation throughout the world “comes from its transaction of financial and goods, which connects the justice with profits and has a good reputation with purity and honesty. Now Pingyao beef heritaging people continue to uphold he concept of faith, making the contemporarty “honesty and trustworthy” brilliant spirit last longer.”

Great museum.

Joking aside we never would have associated salted or pickled beef with Chinese cuisine, that was a tasty surprise.