Phi Phi Relax Resort

February 13, 2016


All the trouble to get here was worth it. It’s a real oasis of calm, a little cove of serenity.

Whilst we were here the sea was so choppy that we didn’t dare leave anyway and that was fine with us!


We came here to meet these guys, Noelan and Sean.


Plus Noelan’s brother Lucas, who we’d met earlier this year in Shanghai, and Sean’s friend Linda.

We had a great time relaxing and mucking about by the sea.


We settled into island life after a long couple of travel days.


Sean found some weights to do on the beach.


The staff at the Relax Resort were really friendly, Pete even shared a game of football with them which turned into an 8 vs 8 game with a lot of the guests.


One of the guys on the team that Pete was on is a boatman/handyman at the resort.


 Here he is preparing for New Year’s Eve.


We left the resort for Phuket on the 30th December, which in retrospect might not have been the best option, Phuket not being our kind of place. It would have been nice to be amongst these celebrations, but as always we made the best of our decisions.

There was another, abandoned resort in the cove next to relax resort.


We all wondered why it had been abandoned.




Getting to the resort is a real challenge, something which they fail to mention when you book so be aware if you go. Low tide you have to trek over coral to get to the long boat.


High tide is virtually swimming.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 05.47.40

That’s them packing our bags onto the boat out!

The sun sets and sunrises didn’t disappoint.


Neither did sitting on the beach with the full moon glistening on the water.


Sophie found time to do some yoga in a photogenic way.


Some of us hiked up to the peak of Phi Phi island, when we arrived late on the first day it was suggested that we hike this in the dark with our big backpacks on. Glad we didn’t go for that one.


This island is very beautiful to look at.