Perpetual motion

October 28, 2015

P sign


Running water fascinates me, it’s perpetual motion.

Motion is essential to human beings. It’s as important as stability of substance; our skin and bones, the house that we live in, the ground that we walk on, and the water that carries the life around our body. Everything we hear, for example, comes to us transferred from vibration through liquid.

When travelling for long periods of time, you become perpetual motion, you see spectacular things and sometimes forget to focus on the mundane. The mundane in Vietnam can be pretty beautiful, a rolling rapid in a sunken mountain valley. It visualises all that is basic life to us, the three interactions of substance, water, and movement, creating landscapes.

Appealing to the creative side, the soul, it’s patterns are fixed in it’s course, a lattice work of resource. To the scientist, the knowledge that the cycle of water never stops from the mountain rivers, down through the country to the ocean, and then evaporated into the clouds to fall as rain again. Every river that you sit and stare at is unchanging in it’s shape, yet each water molecule in your field of vision is constantly changing. Maybe if you stared at the exact spot for long enough, you might see the same molecule again but you wouldn’t notice, and that’s the beauty in it.

More philosophically, everyone has an aspect of their lives that they wish to be in motion, progression is key to us. To feel that we’re achieving or growing. Maybe we want to be the river, rather than the stream, or perhaps we want to flow out into the deep ocean and swim with the big fish. Some of us would rather rest in a lake for a little while.

Sometimes we can hit obstacles just as the rapid; a rock in the way, problems can seem as big as mountains. It’s important to remember that just as water can whittle out the mountain ravine, a problem can be solved with time and patience.

Our realities can be affected by the physical around us, like the time I got sinusitis in India after 4 months of constant travelling, after a week of rest in Goa I was fine again. Maybe going outside to watch the water fountain in your garden pond becomes a mirror to the movements of your desires. Starts you asking the question, what would I like to change to fit the rhythm of the water? Is there anything in my life that isn’t progressing like that?