paths through the mangroves – koh kong

January 24, 2016


This was one of the best things we did in Koh Kong. It’s called the Mangrove Forest and we were taken to it as part of a day trip out to a lovely beach with a bbq lunch, then on to the forest.


The beach was ideal and the lunch was big and delicious. The forest was so strange, mangroves are such a cross between land and sea. They tangle up into shapes that look like humans swaying in a mass of distorted limbs. It’s a strange sight to start with.

I don’t know if anyone one else can’t get their head around these trees but for us it’s strange. A tree that lives in shallow, salty, sea water all the time.


Anyway the paths through the mangroves are really cool and there’s lots of opportunities to lose your tour group if they’re boring. Which they were.


It’s pretty dense in the forest, and as the sun started to set, the golden light filtered through the weird shapes.


The tide was on the way out so on top of the strange filtered golden light there was sounds of sucking and popping as the air bubbles in the thick mud popped and the water seeped out of the area. It was really atmospheric!


The place wasn’t in the best condition, some of the boardwalks were a bit loose and there were abandoned platforms and dirty signs everywhere. This only added to the atmosphere, it was the kind of creepy you get from a once loved children’s playground that has fallen into disrepair.


The final step to this trail is a drawbridge, as you can see it sways a bit!


Up the tower we were able to view our route home and the vastness of the mangrove area.


On the way home we picked up this grandmother and her grandson, the sun set was spectacular.



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