Pacha Mama Paradise

December 19, 2015


A bit of R ‘n’ R is what we needed. And there was no better place to kick back on the deck by the river, reading books, drinking a herbal tea, before doing some yoga.



You can see the choice of teas is immense, and they tell you exactly what it’s good for in the body. Should’ve taken a better photo of it though.

Their Indian Chai masala was especially good, cooked on the boil in the pan like India. Sylvia was really interested to know what we thought of it after she found out we’d been in India for nearly three months, that was a nice thing. Definitely try the golden milk as well.

Steph runs Pachamama along with help from her parents Sylv and Dave. They’ve worked in UK hospitality for years, running pubs all over England. You can really tell this from the food menu, which constantly changes with fresh produce that’s available. The food is incredible, they cater for everyone too; vegan, vegetarian, or carnivores!

The three of them really are so welcoming, it’s really hard to find people who are as open minded and caring straight away, and we’ve stayed in A LOT of hospitality places this year.

It’s nice that they don’t also want to know ‘your program’ and they let you just exist as you want to unless you ask them a question. That’s amazing. We really came away from this place feeling like we’d made some friends, that warm feeling of people that you know cared about your wellbeing even for just a week. That’s special.

Steph was really impressed with us because we tried almost every tea, every piece of food on the menu, and nearly all of the extras like yoga, Bowen, and Reiki.

Bowen is a physiotherapy technique that originated in Australia, and Reiki is a Japanese spiritual technique that promotes healing and balanced aura. It was amazing to try, to have our perceptions challenged and to have a positive outcome on both too.

Other activities there includes tattoos and Steph does dreadlocks.

We had a few thunder storms here which were actually pretty fun. It’s normal for this time of year.


One morning the thunder cloud looked like a wave approaching us.


And as the sun broke through the horizon, it looked like a big fire was just behind the hill.


Love seeing new and crazy things like that.

The rain sweeps in over the ocean here, it’s only about 500m to the beach and as it does it makes a roaring sound a bit like when rain hits a tin roof. Sweeping closer and closer to you, the sound confuses you and scares you because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard but you know it’s approaching you fast. In 10 seconds it’s on you and you realise it was rain. Crazy.

A couple of times we enjoyed a nice black out courtesy of the Cambodian government.

It was quite nice to sit by candle light and chat, because there was no internet everyone came together and had a really nice conversation.


Whilst we were there there was a nice crowd of people, including two Argentinians who were painting the bathrooms, it’s nice to be around other creatives. Full marks also go to their wall of offcut wood. Really liked that.

You can’t see from the pictures but the accommodation is all wooden bamboo bungalows with a palm thatched roof. Really beautiful.

We took the 20 minute journey into Sihanoukville, to get a bus ticket to Koh Kong, by this weird vehicle.


Tuk Tuk/Car. It was so fun! Less bumpy than a tuk tuk and faster, but with the same faces zooming past with the wind in your hair. Haven’t seen these anywhere else.

Sihanoukville itself is a bit of a concrete jungle.


There are beaches here but it’s well known that they’re not that safe if you’re on your own so we stayed at Otres 2 beach the whole time. (next post =P). It does have a really well stocked supermarket with all the western products that you can’t buy most other places in Asia. Believe me, this year we’ve been to most of them. So we bought a bit of marmite for our breakfast.

It was nice to get back to Otres Village.


Stormy as it was, life’s a bit slower here.


These guys were just coming back from packing down a festival, there was a few whilst we were staying in the village which was a bit loud because you’re basically in a jungle but you can sleep through it.


Hopefully it’ll stay a quiet village for a little while longer.


Although it’d be amazing to meet someone who can say: “Yeah i’m a fireboy.”

Go visit the Pachamama team, you’ll have a great time.

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