Our first flight in Five Months

January 25, 2016


Before we left home we decided that we wanted to fly as little as possible this year, partly to reduce our environmental impact a bit and partly to have more experiences with local people.

The earthquake obviously threw a slight spanner in the works, in many ways, and caused our flying diversion to Japan and Korea. When we landed in Beijing on 2nd July 2015 and joined our original ‘route’ we went back to our no flying plan.

Therefore over the last five months and 15 days (up until 17th December 2015)  we have travelled 7562 miles overland, from Beijing to Bangkok, on trains, buses, boats, cars and motorbikes, with many many pauses and diversions.

With Christmas looming and our dawdling around countries meaning that we were slightly behind schedule, on 17th December we flew from Bangkok to Penang Island, Malaysia. It was a surreal experience, having had our feet on the floor for so long. Flying definitely isn’t our favourite mode of transport!


This was our final view of Bangkok, the donner meat rolls there are at least half a meter wide. Don’t worry, we didn’t eat any.