Old Goa

May 28, 2015


Bit of a blast from the past now, however Old Goa was so interesting and brilliant it deserves a mention.


The main section of Old Goa is filled with churches and cathedrals. Beautifully constructed out of brick, some painted white, some not. Lovely cultivated gardens, brilliant signs, golden interiors. The Portuguese style churches are impressive, most of them are shaped traditionally into a cross with a large section at the far end for an altar with huge frescoes looming over the congregation.




The best bit of Old Goa turned out to be one of the least busy places, up the hill to the old ruined monastery of Saint Augustine. Left to be swallowed by the jungle in 1835. The structure collapsed in 1842.


Paintings from the day depict this place imposing, from on top of the hill, over the town of Goa. It was said to have been the richest, most beautiful building in the local area. The tower was the tallest structure in the area, it’s high impressive walls are just an outside now.


From the ruins you can see the size of the building, it is vast. Massive doorways and ornately tiled walls, some of which were preserved.


The burnt red of the bricks, darkened by years of tropical sunlight. There’s a few strange tips of the hat to pirate logos.


The museum of christianity was interesting although the guard with a double barrel shotgun put us off a bit.