Old friends

July 16, 2015


We visited Seoul on two consecutive weekends because we were flying to Beijing from Seoul Gimpo airport.

The first weekend was a nice chance to adjust to the city, we stayed in a not so touristy area of Dongdaemun 3, the closest tube stop was cheongnyangni. There was a really traditional market nearby that we walked through on the way to the station, they had all sorts of food stuffs for sale including a few dogs that had already been cooked. Apparently it is frowned upon and therefore uncommon to eat dog in Korea now, but some of the older generation still eat it.

The main reason that we came to visit Korea in the first place was to visit Pete’s friend Jay who he had met in Shanghai 5 years earlier.


We had a great time with Jay catching up whilst eating and drinking in local Korean places. Amongst many others, he showed us the most amazing Korean barbecue place. After a little while they poured egg around the edge of the cooking bowl and it turned into an omelette with the kimchee and garlic inside it.


Jay was especially impressed with how much we were enthusiastic about the golden teapots that had the beaten eggs in them. In Korea it is typical to have a fridge full of Sozhu, every one drinks it at dinner.


It’s a type of rice wine, although on one menu it said it was Korean vodka. There was also hundreds of egg boxes on the wall for some reason.


He sorted Sophie out with a guest speaker slot at his toastmaster international meeting so that she could talk to lots of Korean professionals about her Kickstarter campaign for the book. That was really fun and outside of both of our boxes, which is what this year is all about.


We went to the bar where live bands play, where he played the weekend after we had left, and Pete and Jay sang karaoke. It was fun!