The 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25th April 2015 had life changing consequences for almost everybody living in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world. The Country That Shook is a project that aims to raise money to support people who are literally rebuilding their lives following this natural disaster.

As you know, we were in Pokhara, west of the epicentre, at the time. There was no physical damage there, but we were terrified and knowing that for so many people this was now a reality, not just an unfortunate incident on a trip, made me determined to try to help. It was on the bus journey back to India, a week after the quake, that I decided to write and illustrate a short story to raise money. The idea developed and came to life as I continued my diverted journey, influenced by Sri Lanka, India, Japan, South Korea, China and, of course, Nepal.

front cover 2

The Country That Shook is a children’s book, with a short, quirky, rhyming story and 11 illustrations. But I think the content and the cause will appeal to creative adults of all ages too; it’s a great little coffee table book and conversation starter.


Additionally I have designed a limited edition T-shirt and print, which are also for sale to help raise money.


The project now has it’s own website where you can purchase all these items, learn more about how the idea developed and find out the latest updates.

Please share the link or consider these beautiful items for gifts if you think this is a good cause.