May 5, 2015

Whilst we were staying in Pokhara we were at the Hidden Paradise Guesthouse. It is family run, with an amazing piece of land overlooking the city and the lake.

In the family there are three guys, Laxxman, Shree, and Mannish, Mannish’s wife, and their small daughter called Neeshma.

Neeshma was a cheeky little monkey, I called her dead eyes because she looked at you blankly before doing something naughty. She took my boot and threw it down the hill one day, the water bottle the next, she locked us in our room another. If you’re not careful she’d put your shoes on and run off.


We mostly let these things go as she is at the ‘terrible two’ stage of her life. She is also incredibly bored; she has no other kids to play with and gets ignored whilst the family have to run the guest house. The guests keep her occupied some of the time.


The rest of the time you hear her mum shouting: “Neeeeeeshma!!”

Her favourite thing seems to be either

a) covering herself in something sticky – Vaseline, sugar etc.


b) taking her clothes off and tipping water over her head.

She was a funny little kid, nice one Neeshma.