Looking Ahead

January 7, 2015


I shared a really nice meal last night with my good friends Tom, Katie, and Ayden. During the meal we were chatting about customs of different cultures around the world, it struck me how amazing it is that we can know so much about the other side of the world without ever having been there. This helps us, when we do visit another culture, to not offend people. I’m looking forward to using these tips in Asia, but I thought i’d share them with you all just in case:

China: In China, it is not considered rude to slurp your tea.

It is considered an insult to your hosts generosity and wealth if you finish a plate of food that they give you.

Certain teas and cigarettes must be offered to people of different levels in Chinese society.

A common greeting in Chinese culture is: “Have you eaten?” or “Are you full?”

Indonesia: It is rude to touch someone with your left hand.

Cambodia: It is expected that you should barter for goods and often the price will be set slightly higher than the seller expects you to pay.

Laos: Laotian people will accept a price that is much lower than their expectation because they are embarrassed to haggle.

If you know any more I’d love to hear them.