February 11, 2016


Langkawi was our Christmas Island! We arrived on the three hour ferry from Penang in brilliant sunshine, but with very ominous clouds hanging over the island. The taxi driver who collected us from the port said it would rain but it never did in the end.


Almost all the tourist vans on the island have langkawi written on them and a sea-inspired design. This was one of the best ones.

There’s a separate post about our amazing accommodation Samsara Sanctuary. Once we’d settled in and had a great chat with Aya about the island she had to go to work so we set off for her recommended beach for the afternoon.


There are two ‘towns’ on the island, one more touristy than the other. This beach is basically as far away from both of them as you can get so it was pretty empty, a perfect place to sit for a couple of hours.

It was slightly overcast; perfect for sunbathing because it’s not too hot. The only downside was that it was pretty sludgy in the sea, mud just engulfed your feet as you walked in. Better just to sit and look at it for sure!


Next day was Christmas Eve and we bopped around our part of the island on our motorbike, stopping off to see things that sounded quite interesting on the map.

Hot springs.


A waterfall where men sat with their whole head underwater.


And then a late lunch at Scarborough Fish and Chips on a beautiful beach. Why not?! It’s Christmas after all!



In the evening we’d booked a jungle nature walk, to see daytime creatures before they went to bed and the nocturnal ones waking up to start their day. It was fairly expensive but we thought it would be worth it; we’d not seen a lot of wildlife in Vietnam and Cambodia because there’s not a lot!

It was a good tour, definitely not a great one, and ours was marred by a couple who turned up half and hour late (actually not their fault) wearing flip flops and tiny shorts when the ONLY two specifications of the tour were to wear covered shoes and long trousers (definitely their fault). This meant the guide was running around helping them buy socks for an extra fifteen minutes as the light was fading! Another three guys from the UK and us were pretty pissed off with them by this point. I really wish I had a photo of them to be honest, especially her, who wears tiny tiny hot pants and gold strappy sandals for a trek into a jungle?!

Anyway we finally set off, walking first through a very upmarket resort with bungalows dotted through the jungle where lots of wildlife lives alongside the tourists.


We didn’t have our zoom lens so don’t have great photos. These lumps on the left of the tree above are flying lemurs, still asleep in the daylight. As dusk fell they started to fly from tree to tree above us which was incredible to see but impossible to capture.


Another highlight of the walk was seeing Cappuccino monkeys. The photo above is actually not of a lamp, if you look to the left you can see a black money holding her ginger baby in her arms. As they grow up their fur also becomes black. Our guide said this was an unusual thing to see so we felt pretty lucky.

The rest of the tour was interesting, our guide was very knowledgeable about all the nature around us, he even had us all eating leaves that give you a natural energy boost. It was definitely all spoilt a bit because he had to keep checking the feet and legs of the silly couple (they’d removed the socks pretty quickly against his advice) especially when we walked over some termites and an ant’s nest. When we dropped them off at a huge five star hotel at the end of the walk it all made sense a bit more; maybe they’d expected to be carried round on a sedan chair?!