Kickstarter to Toastmaster – The Country that Shook

June 25, 2015

Pete’s friend who I met last weekend, Jay, attends Toastmaster events in Seoul. It’s a group of young professionals who meet up every Friday and talk about a subject of their choosing. It can be anything and you only get 10 to 15 minutes each time. It’s a great way to practise public speaking skills.

you can see what they do here…

Tomorrow night it will be me doing some talking about this…


Since we went out last weekend in Seoul to celebrate the launch of my kickstarter project, to try to get my book printed and raise money for Nepal, Jay suggested that when we come back to Seoul I should get up and speak about the project. I knew this was a good idea, although I’m not a massive fan of public speaking, what better way to reach more people than to talk in front of a room full of young, professional Koreans.

I have printed out a mock-up of the book on paper, partly for me to do some final checks and partly as an aid for me describing the project to an audience. If anyone else knows how hard it is to get things printed whilst you’re travelling you’ll know this was an achievement! Luckily the lovely owner of our guest house in Sokcho let me use her inkjet printer free of charge but it took three attempts for her windows computer to even open my files and all of the language in the software was Korean, but I got ere eventually. The quality is not great, but it’s perfect for what I need right now.

I set about cutting the pages out with my scalpel and a tiny ruler on a tiny tiny table to build the book.


The back cover of my TEFL guide book had to be sacrificed and used as a cutting mat; there are definitely a lot of things you take for granted when working in a studio!


Although it’s a very rough mock (I have no way to replicate the hard cover of the book out here!), it’s so exciting to have something physical to hold and imagine what the finished thing will be like, after it being a virtual project for a while. This is one step closer…


Wish me luck tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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