Kampot call

December 18, 2015


We had an unexpected message from our friends, Tom and Jem, that we’d met in Hagiang. Their plans had changed and they were in Kampot at the same time as we were in Kep. Great news!

After they’d come down to Kep, it was our turn to take the half an hour drive to Kampot to meet them. This is what we saw.

They were staying in a place called Ganesha in a village outside of Kampot, it takes half an hour on the highway from Kep, so we set out an hour and a half before so that we could take a little village scenic road.

We came across this temple. There were loads of really ornate gates in this area.


The temple area was so peaceful, with only a handful of people wandering around and a friendly guy who started speaking to us in English, to our surprise. P1040636

To give you some perspective on how big those trees are.


Apparently they’re more than 100 years old.

The temple was stunning, as they usually are in Cambodge. Well done for that Cambodge.


They also nearly always contain our favourite temple animal.


We’ve only seen these types of snakes in Cambodia.

These tombs are pretty.


Driving through the countryside road was nice at first, very pretty and beautiful colours. Red, green, and blue.


We saw lots of traditional stilted Cambodian houses, and expansive rice fields that reminded us of northern Vietnam.





I mentioned that we enjoyed it at first.. The road turned pretty bumpy and longer than we thought, we were pretty sure that we’d gotten lost until an hour and half after setting out we found ourselves bombing it down the highway towards the village that Ganesha was in.

The gate was a welcome sight.


Ganesha is set in a really lovely, green space next to a small river, and with a couple of natural swimming pools.


We went for a nice walk amongst the rice field. Black rice!


Some really colourful houses.


And people going about their day.



The surprising aspect of many villages in this area is that they’re muslim, and they contain a mosque for each. Not that that’s a particularly out of the ordinary, we just didn’t know Cambodia had a big muslim community.


Mosques are beautifully symmetrical and colourful. An interesting thing is that there is Arabic and Cambodian language on a lot of the signs.


Ganesha has some awesome food and we stayed until just before sunset, when we had to say goodbye to our friends for the foreseeable future. They’re heading to Vietnam, we’re heading towards Thailand.


On the way home we saw an amazing sunset.