Huangshan – yellow mountain

August 16, 2015


Xu Xiake, a famous Chinese geologist in the Ming Dynasty once said: “You don’t need to see any more mountains after seeing ‘the Five Mountains’, and you don’t need to see the other four mountains after seeing Huangshan.”


It’s beautiful, it’s vast and breathtaking and awe inspiring, the pictures won’t do it justice. The sheer rock faces give you wobbly legs especially when you’re stood on top of them in a tiny space with 100 other people, there are so many tourists on the mountain that sometimes it’s a bit scary. You can now get one of four cable cars to the top, and people with no remote sense or joy of hiking can be found on the mountain. There are girls in high heels and tight mini dresses, ready to go clubbing up there, there are old people who can’t even climb a step let alone a whole mountain! There are young children who run really fast towards the cliff edge and swing on the rudimentary fences.

Luckily for them the aforementioned cable car and the team of men that will carry you around on a sedan chair – yes, a sedan chair, make it possible for you. All this is good for people that want to see the mountain and perhaps wouldn’t be able to do it otherwise but when you’re following a narrow path, winding your way along a sheer cliff face, you don’t really want to be seeing a chair rocking out over the edge of the path and back with an old lady huddled into the seat to try and stop the imagination of the men slipping and letting go.

It’s an incredible piece of natural geology though so here’s the pictures and enjoy.


The mountain from the local town of Tangkou.



These porters carry all the provisions for the tourists on the mountain up and down the mountain all day.




View from the ‘Monkey Over the Sea of Clouds’ platform at sunrise, the cloud cover made the light an eery blue.




Good example of excellent hiking gear here…


Loving the matching plastic bags over the shoes..

Stairs to the ‘Heavenly Capital Peak’, apparently they’re nearly always closed.


This is ‘Elephant Rock’…Honest.

Selfie sticks below on one of the highest peaks..


Straightened hair and flip flops…


These next ones are to give you an idea of how the cloud rolls in, these pictures were taken over about 2 minutes.





Nice view from our hotel window!