August 27, 2015


Guilin was to be our last stop in China, we had planned another full month of travel here but the first month wore us out and we were excited to go to Vietnam so 9 days in the Guilin area would be our farewell.


As you can see it’s nestled in-between the karst mountains that are the reason that tourists flock to this area. They are absolutely breathtaking, check out the Li river trip if you want to see more.

We’d be lying if we said that we were sad to be leaving China this time, we’ve been here for nearly two months and the politics of the country got to us a bit. Guilin itself definitely didn’t disappoint, we stayed in a really chilled out hostel called ‘Travelling With’ formerly the ‘Green Forest’ so they’re imagery was in the transitional phase and they didn’t really know if they were coming or going with that. We had a nice comfy bed and a huge room – those things are harder to find than you’d imagine! Especially after Hong Kong.

We spent the time wandering around the streets of this relatively small and clean city, it exists predominantly for tourists and there’s no industry close – which is also a little hard to find in China, so the air is very clean and some of the streets are lined with beautiful moss covered trees. The buildings are intersected by glistening lakes that are lit up spectacularly at night.



There’s gardens and parks sprinkled around the Li river that runs through the middle. There’s a particularly bustling night food market too which is a laugh.

More than anything else, we found a bit of routine in Guilin, the last couple of days we didn’t do much at all; ate in local places, sat by the pool at the Sheraton Hotel, did a bit of people watching. It was perfect. Oh and Pete got a haircut, they cut off his beard without asking! Washed his hair twice and spent time pondering every single hair on his head for two hours.


We used Guilin as a base for lots of day trips, the local area is incredibly packed with amazing things to do!