floating serenity house

March 9, 2015



The house boat, designed like an old rice barge, picked us up just west of Munroe island and was arranged by Francis. The guide book said it was likely to be the most expensive night of your whole trip and it was not wrong, it was so incredibly worth it though. We took a gamble on a boat that we hadn’t seen and it paid off, three double bedrooms, a dining room, and a balcony view area with 2 comfy chairs and a coffee table; it was massive! And it was just for us. Freshly prepared fish Thalis for lunch and dinner and an egg roast with iddiappam for breakfast with fresh fruit and as much tea and coffee as we could drink!

We drifted leisurely to Alleppey, the views on the way of little fishing villages, rice paddys, birds, fish, jellyfish. We watched the sun set, sat in the light of the moon and got up again for the sunrise amid beautiful scenery. Our favourite part was passing through the vast paddy fields with no one in sight… only bird’s calls for company.