May 16, 2015


I’m a bit obsessed with flags. I love a good iconic flag. There’s something about them that are so interesting. We’re in japan at the moment. They have a great one, simple, beautiful. Here it is:


The land of the rising sun, the sun people. These are some of the things that Japan or the Japanese people are know as, their flag fits that description perfectly.

I saw a brilliant TED talk on flags recently at this link

Roman Mars suggests that everybody loves flags because good flags follow 5 simple rules that are good in all walks of life.

I think my favourite flag has to be Hong Kong. It is just beautiful.


I have been thinking about the Scottish independence vote, and the fact that they released a brand new flag just in case Scotland left the Union of Great Britain.

Here’s the timeless flag, which actually originates as part of British Naval flag from 1606 – 1801, but was adopted as the main flag of the country in 1707 after the ‘Acts of Union’


Here’s the flag that was proposed just in case of Scotland becoming independent


Not a huge amount of difference, still as iconic, however when I first saw it I hated it. A gut reaction more than anything, I didn’t have time to think about whether I liked it or not before my body said that I didn’t.

This started me thinking, why did I hate the new flag so much, and so quickly. I wonder how many other people had this reaction?

Is it tradition? Is it familiarity? I wonder if it is the colour blue, my favourite colour and the colour of my hometown of Portsmouth, that I didn’t want to see go. Maybe to get rid of the blue was to get rid of my familiarity with the flag. Who knows but I think it’s interesting how designs such as flags hold the key to some of people’s thinkings and traditions. I’d be interested to hear your first impressions when you saw the new flag. I’d also like to hear about your favourite flags.