First Impressions – Japan

May 27, 2015


We’ve been in Japan for two and a half weeks now so it’s about time to sum up our first experiences…

Japanese people are so accommodating, they will go out of their way to help you and not expect anything in return.

Japanese culture encourages people to not go against the grain.

There are vending machines with drinks in them everywhere, even in the middle of a small town surrounded by mountains. The lights on these machines are always really bright.


Incidentally, you’re allowed to smoke in many restaurants, but you shouldn’t, because it’s bad for you.

Japanese people apparently don’t entertain in their homes, they’ll go out for dinner.

Lots of restaurants specialise in only one type of food. Tempura, ramen, udon noodles, soba noodles. It means that they are VERY good at cooking that one thing.

Supermarket food is really good, there are full meals that they can heat up in the microwave behind the counter.

Japan is full of beautiful nature, vast forests, covering mountain ranges, with winding rivers running through them. Volcanoes rising out of the plains.




It is famous for hot mountain spring baths called Onsen. They’re really hot!

Some of the best hiking in the world can be found here, mostly mountain trails through lush forests (in May).

April is cherry blossom season.

You can only climb Mount Fuji in July and August.

Japanese have a rigid traditional society, they are really obedient to these traditions although a lot of young people seem frustrated by them.

They have the ability to make anything look cute.