Different Massages

January 19, 2015



We do love a massage, Especially after carrying a heavy backpack around. I had my first Ayurvedic massage today and it was amazing! There are lots of places advertising these massages down by the beach and just behind at uppuveli. I went for the back, neck, and head massage as I usually do. He used lots of different types of scented oils, hot and cold, and rubbed them in with his hands and some scrubbers. Putting pressure on the tighter parts of my back with the hot oils which were in cotton pouches tied at the top.

We’ve had lots of different types of massages, I find it interesting to see the different methods. Whether or not they work as a long term health thing I am always very relaxed after them.

We we tried some acupuncture just before we left for Sri Lanka, they used hot cups on our backs. You can see the effects of it below, they’re all gone now just a week and a bit later though