dalat architecture

November 30, 2015

Da lat is a little bubble in the mountains, it takes 9 hours to get here on the bus from Hoi An or Ho Chi Minh City. Geographically it’s an island in the mountains. This has contributed to some really unique and crazy architecture.

There are new buildings going up by the lake that look like half an orange and an artichoke. This is the orange.


But by far the most unique and crazy is the aptly named ‘Crazy House’. It’s the most crazy and unique building i’ve ever ever seen. Just to reiterate, crazy.


The house was built by an architect who’s the daughter of a politician. She had the money so she created the house she saw in her dreams. It looks like alice in wonderland.


There are those walkways everywhere. That one goes up and over the biggest roof at about 60m. It feels like an adventure clambering up and over.


The whole place is themed on the forest. She wanted the house to feel like a natural playground.