Crazy colourful clashing Chennai

February 8, 2015


My overriding memory of India four years ago is a mash of colourful patterns, signs, illustrations and script covering every surface possible; intriguing, indecipherable and completely mad! This was one of the things that I just couldn’t get enough of and was excited to come back and experience it all again.

Chennai was crazy and definitely a baptism of fire, but on this point it definitely delivered. Colour is everywhere, every direction you look is another combination, clashing and complimentary; somehow it just works. Some of my absolute favourite colour combinations are just here, on the street, as standard. This one has to be one of the best, and seemed to be very prominent in Chennai…




My fascination with this country was ignited by my first published piece of packaging design as a junior designer at Pearlfisher six years ago. It is a lovely little brand called The Spice Tailor and I had to create an aesthetic that captured the essence of healthy Indian food in a way that was digestible for the UK market. No mean feat when I’d never left Europe at that time, let alone visited India!

However I’m pretty pleased to say that the colours I used on the Korma pack is the combination above that I’ve seen so much already. The research paid off (the Internet is a wonderful thing!!) and the interest that it sparked might just be the reason that I am here today.