Chinese Visa – Osaka

June 10, 2015


There were two main reasons that we went to Osaka, because there’s an international airport where you can fly to lots of local destinations, and because there is a Chinese embassy to get a visa.

Getting a visa for a country in a different country to your home can be extremely difficult. The people in the embassy are from China, in this case, they’d speak Chinese and Japanese fluently. There’s a whole form filling out process to bear in mind, which is sometimes not written in English, and we’d read online that you can only be issued a Chinese visa in Japan if you have an alien resident card. Which we don’t.

Let me tell you to start with that you don’t need this alien resident card, we were so relieved to find that out because it made the acquisition of the visa seem possible. Here’s a list of things you will need though.


Luckily the lady in the Consulate General of China, as it is called, spoke very good English. Here’s a map of how to find the building. It is exit 9 of Awaza station that you’ll need. The consulate is the yellow building just below exit 9 on the map.


It only took us three visits on three consecutive mornings to get our visa so we were super happy. we did pay for an express service which was 9000 Yen each. Pretty good as visa prices go. There was a vending machine so that you can pay.