June 22, 2015


Chimek is just absolutely amazing. It is short for chicken and beer. Yes. Fried chicken. And beer. Nothing else need be said really.

But as always we’re going to fill your heads with more information. Chi Is short for chickenmek is short for mekju which is the Korean word for beer. Chimek. The best chicken in here for us is the ‘seasoned chicken’. Sounds ominous right, the sauce is apparently made from chilli, tomato ketchup, sesame seeds, soy sauce, and a bit of sugar.

The best thing about Korean food is that it is totally social, here’s a picture of us enjoying some midnight chimek with the guys in Busan.


I’ve also been out for this meal with my friend Jay in Seoul. You’ll see him later.

Food is always accompanied by a sort of drink, even on a night out in a bar there is always food involved. The other night we were drinking rice wine in a bar and ordered a seafood soup to go with it. It stops you from going over the top with the drink.

There was a recent soap opera series to come out of Korea called ‘My Love From Another Star’ and apparently it has kicked off a huge craze in China for Chimek. Excellent.