October 20, 2014


My paternal grandad served for over 4 years in the RAF from 1944-1948. Interestingly for me, he was stationed in India and then Malay (Malaysia), Sumatra and Singapore, briefly passing through Burma (Myanmar) on his route between the two.

Like most people of his generation you would never imagine from his life nowadays the things he got up to and the stories he has to tell from this time. Planning this trip and my growing interest about Asia over the past few years has prompted me to ask more questions, raid his photo bank and read the life story that he has written based on the diaries that he kept during this period.

I have loved finding this stuff out about him and it has definitely made me think differently about people of his age… imagine the wealth of knowledge, stories and experience that is cooped up in those brains!

So my challenge is to visit as many of the places that he lived as I can, find out more about them and how the war effected them and even try to take the same pictures he did so we can compare. We may even try to meet some of the people that he is still in contact with in Singapore some 60 years later! Pretty impressive.

Check out these photos for now and keep an eye out for updates as we find them!