Bylakuppe – Tibetan retreat

March 30, 2015


One of the things we really wanted to do was to make it to Bylakuppe for Tibetan new year. We slightly underestimated how long it would take to get around the tip of India, so one month after Tibetan new year we arrived in Bylakuppe. Actually it is a beautifully serene place to visit and we’ve learnt that rushing around is not the key to this year so we’re happy.

When China invaded Tibet in 1959, a huge number of Tibetans fled to India. This particularly Tibetan colony is the largest in the south of the country, It has a beautiful golden temple, and three other ornate temples beside it. The design and craftsmanship of these had us standing and staring for hours.




The atmosphere in Buddhist temples has always struck a chord, the peacefulness of them, the big halls with the observant buddha statues.



There were quite a lot of Indian tourists not observing the rules of the temple at times but we just had to block them out.

Around the edge of the temple stretched a long wall with prayer wheels on it. The wall must have been a kilometre long and the idea is that one prayer must take you around the whole temple, giving you the time and purpose of spinning all the wheels to contemplate what your prayer really means to you.



In the middle there were some very large wheels with bells attached to the top, Pete took a recording which is on his soundcheck page.

Overall it was a very peaceful place and we were very glad to be amongst the prayer flags and traditions of the Tibetans. We also ate a lot of Momos, a Tibetan style dumpling. =]