March 9, 2015


We stayed in Charukara nest, a Kerala heritage home, an old colonial bungalow with high ceilings and nice wooden doors. There’s a pigeon coop in the garden, hence the name. And a gorgeous cat who had two cute kittens, so Soph spent a lot of time following them around, watching them getting into trouble…



The staff leave you be, which is really relaxing. The owner, Tony, kept asking what our ‘program’ was (which is a weird but fairly standard question). He was mainly trying to sell us a tour on his house boat. We wanted to say ‘Mr Selfridge’ is our program of choice at the moment.

We took an early morning kayak tour along some of the smaller backwater canals, saw a lot of flowers, trees and local village life.  It was hard work (for Soph mainly 😉 but so nice to be out on the water that way… we felt much closer to it.




We had a nice meal at ‘Mushroom’ of fried tuna with a salt and pepper flavour. The ‘Kream Corner Arts Cafe’ was a favourite spot for a really good lunch!