7-eleven Japan

May 15, 2015


If you’re looking for that quick bite in Japan, We recommend that you go to 7-eleven. There is so much good food in there. You can get whole meals that they heat up in the microwave for you in the store, cold meals, sushi, onigiri, and much more. The meals are so varied, they come with peanut chilli sauce, meat sauce, ramen style, cold noodle soup, teriyaki. Basically a cross section of Japanese meals made accessible.

Hot teas, cold teas, cold coffees, hot buns. It’s a really great place to sample the food in Japan, it’s cheaper than eating out in a restaurant, and you don’t need to struggle with the language. You can just take that lucky dip and feast your eyes because none of the labels have English on them.

We’d definitely recommend that you sample as many restaurants as possible, however if you’re looking for a bite on the go then this is the place.